Dutch Manoeuvres off Alnmouth

Members using an AIS viewer to track passing ships (sad, I know, but it is lockdown.) may have noticed the ship Fugro Venturer behaving rather strangely. This photo from the free MarineTraffic app shows what I mean.
It seems to sail forward a little and then drift back, repeating this process over and over again.  The ship is apparently a Dutch owned research/survey vessel.  The Fugro company apparently has a contract with
Shell to explore routes for cable laying from a proposed offshore wind turbine site. I can only assume that is what they are doing here.

For COLREGS purposes it is Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre so don't expect it to give way to Sail...

John Taylor

Sponsorship for the Charity I volunteer for ‘RE:ACT’ Disaster Response

November 20, 2020

You may / may not be aware that I volunteer as a team leader for a disaster response charity ‘RE:ACT’ A mainly veteran but no means entirely based organisation. We deploy teams overseas to disaster zones such as recent years, Earthquake in Nepal, Mozambique floods and Bahamas last year, More close to home and which I was personally involved was the flood relief to communities in the Yorkshire dales, and last March The distribution of PPE to to NHS and care homes in Northumberland and the North East. Work of this sort continues around the UK.


I am joining in a nationwide fundraiser for my charity and I intend to cover 450km over the next 2 weeks ( all the info is on the link) I’ll up my tempo when I return from work next week!


Of course if members found that this charity isn’t quite for them a donation to the RNLI is always welcome....


Here is our email and link to find out more info and to donate a few pounds....



This year, I’m going the distance to support the most vulnerable by participating in a virtual mission for two gruelling weeks.

I'd really appreciate your support, which is why I'm reaching out to see if you'd like to donate and help me reach my RE:ACTIVE fundraising goal. You can donate directly here

Now more than ever, the people RE:ACT Disaster Response serve need your support. Your act of kindness will help to make an immediate difference to people's lives today.

Thanks for all your support!

The Hobbit Returns

October 07, 2020

The wooden sailing boat Hobbit has returned to Alnmouth where she was
built.  She was commissioned in 1966 by RabC member Tony Van Hee from the
Aln Boatyard where she was built by Arnott Dobson.

The boatyard was run by Edward Garrett, who was also the harbourmaster, and
closed in 1980.  It built many wooden dinghies of the Merlin Rocket era and
many are still sailing.

Tony and his wife Joan sailed Hobbit to Norway and Holland. She has had
several owners and many adventures until recently bought back by Tony for
restoration. Tony brought Arnott up to see the boat last month where he
also met member Trevor Brooks who remembers meeting Arnott when a boy
(Trevor, that is).

We look forward to seeing Hobbit out on the water in a year or two.

Up Aln Creek with many paddles...

August 21, 2020

The Club's Lesbury Picnic recreates a Victorian tradition in Alnmouth and has now become a regular RABC fixture.  Small craft of many types depart from the launching ramp on a Saturday afternoon in summer, two hours before
a Spring high tide. Tenders, dinghies, canoes, kayaks, skiffs and paddle boards set off up the Aln with the rising tide, largely carried by the current.....

August News

August 09, 2020

Dear Members of the RABC,
We do hope that you are all fit and well. Regretfully, we have had to cancel Volcano Night 2020 and the RYA has cancelled Discover Sailing (aka 'Push The Boat Out').  However, following new RYA and Government guidance, we are pleased to announce that RABC events can now resume, at least in part, subject to social distancing.  See the Events Page.

The estuary moorings are becoming increasingly crowded.  Whilst this increase in sailing activity is to be welcomed, it must be managed to avoid conflicts with other boats in the limited space available.  Members are reminded that all moorings, both Summer and Winter, are to be marked with a current, paid for, RABC Mooring number.  Any unmarked moorings are liable to be removed and disposed of at the next Boat Park Clean-up. It is also Members' responsibility to agree in advance any new or changed mooring positions.  This is to be done with Gordon Pope, our Moorings Officer, who is usually at the estuary at some point on most days.  The same requirement applies to requests for reservation of the Hardstanding for boat maintenance.

We look forward to seeing some of you again soon.

The Committee.

Approach to Alnmouth [UPDATED AGAIN!!]

July 26, 2020

Steve Ellaby has updated his useful aid for members/visitors if you dare the sand bar!



  1. The bar can change - if it does significantly, then Steve has offered to update the doc as required

  2. There is now a red can on the tank trap so if left to port on way in to Alnmouth you’re clear of all of them.

  3. There is also now a red can which seems to be holding well at the end of the sand bar, GPS plotted by Steve 

  4. Click on the image to download

The misadventures of John Taylor

July 23, 2020

A short video of the recent trip up to Holy Island.

For Sale

July 22, 2020

The Sales/Wants pages have been updated, so head on over if you're looking for a new/old boat!

Discover Sailing

July 11, 2020

The RYA has decided to cancel Discover Sailing 2020, the event formerly known as Push the Boat Out.  We hope to revisit this in 2021.

Goodbye Suzy Wong

June 24, 2020

Members may recall that Suzy Wong ran aground entering the estuary in August 2016 and was assisted by the RNLI.  She sustained damage to her rudder and the boat has been deteriorating since. 


The committee has spent considerable time trying to arrange for its departure and has now been rescued and this morning she was towed to Amble Boatyard for repairs before heading to Ireland where she will be used to train disadvantaged young people.

The sight of her departure into the morning mist was not quite Turner's Fighting Temeraire - the future for Suzy Wong is bright, unlike for the Temeraire - but it was a poignant sight nonetheless.

Solo Fleet News

June 20, 2020

Sunday 21st June saw 3 Solos taking part in the new 'non-official' dinghy racing series - we have the beginnings of a small fleet!

HMS Ramsey visits Alnmouth

June 20, 2020

On this year's Summer Solstice HMS Ramsey visited Alnmouth to take on provisions. 


The 53m Sandown class minehunter was returning from a NATO exercise in the Baltic where she removed historic ordnance from the depths off the coast of Estonia.  After stopping for a training dive off Coquet Island she anchored in Alnmouth Bay to carry out a very special mission....

Covid 19 News and RABC

May 18, 2020

Dear Members

Firstly we do hope that you are well and fit. These continue to be difficult times but in light of the recent lifting of lockdown restrictions we feel it is appropriate to re-state our understanding and view on how we might proceed.

Underpinning everything we do and say is the understanding that the risk has not gone away and the risk of further upsurge in the virus is real. Therefore in all things the government’s recommendations, especially regarding social distancing must be adhered to.

  1. RABC events and formal club activities are suspended until further notice and we will advise members when this situation changes.

  2. Boating is currently an acceptable activity under Government and RYA guidelines as long as social distancing and keeping to only having a meeting with one person outside one’s own household are adhered to or whatever the latest guidelines may be.

  3. Please be respectful at all times of the people of Alnmouth, being aware that they will be seeing more people simply because it is Alnmouth and we must all be sensitive to their feelings.

We have all been looking forward to this opportunity but please at this time taken even more care with respect to safety. Life jackets, notification to someone ashore as to where you are going and when you expect to be back and if at all possible in company of other vessels, to reduce the possibility of needing the coast guard or life boats or putting anyone else at risk.

We look forward to seeing some of you in the near future down at the dinghy park.



Janet Thomas (nee Hyatt)

I regret to inform members of the death of my good friend, neighbour and fellow Club member Janet Thomas (nee Hyatt).  She died on 15th May after a long illness.  Janet was born in Alnmouth and had been a teacher before retirement. She and her family had a long history of boating in the Alnmouth/Amble area.

Janet was an active RABC social member, attending Winter Programmes, Lesbury Picnics, etc. but she will mainly be remembered for her stalwart service as a volunteer for Push The Boat Out (on the far left in the photograph).  She was always keen, helpful, friendly and particularly witty with an infectious laugh.  She will be fondly remembered. She leaves a husband and daughter.

John Taylor

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