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2024 Dinghy Racing

Dinghy Racing @ Aln Estuary
Race or 'Watch & Learn'. All dinghy types. Wear lifejackets. Possible opportunities to crew - come early. Most fortnightly Sundays on Spring tides.


Date:            Time:

11 Feb.         15:15

25 Feb          15:15

10 Mar          14:30

24 Mar          14:30

07 Apr           14:30

21 Apr           14:30

05 May          13:15

19 May          13:00

09 Jun           17:30

23 Jun           16:45

07 Jul            16:30

21 Jul            15:30

04 Aug           16:00

18 Aug           14:45 

01 Sep           15:00

15 Sep           13:45

29 Sep           14:00

Then Pub Social (below).


Meet the Members

Pub Socials @ Red Lion, Alnmouth (Public Event) Watch Dinghy Racing (see above) then meet Club members in the pub.


Sat 10 Feb Dinghy Cruising Assoc. Meeting @ Alnmouth

13.00-14:00. Dinghy Cruising Association plan for local day sails and over-night cruises. Old Methodist Chapel, Alnmouth.
14:30-16:30. Afternoon sail, Aln Estuary. DCA members from the Humber to The Tweed are invited. RABC members are welcome to attend both events and are encouraged to host with their boats.


Mon 19 Feb The 'Founding Fathers' @ The Serviceman

19:30 bar for 20.00. The legendary Caribbean voyage which led to the founding of RABC. A tribute to the Founders (John Hall, Ted Lawson & George Ternent). Original photos, diaries and live appearances.


Mon 18 Mar Winter Programme @ The Serviceman

19:30 bar for 20.00. Alnmouth Tides. Plus, What I Did Last Summer - Members Sailing Experiences.


Mon 30 Mar Easter Cleanup @ The Boat Park

10:00 to 12:00. Club volunteers to tidy Boat Park, cut grass, trim hedges, dispose of unmarked items (so all kit to be marked with mooring numbers). Moving dinghies and trailers (so all kit to be movable). Bring strimmers and hedge trimmers. Hedge planting also planned. Hot drink and/or food for helpers.


Mon 6 May Bank Holiday Shakedown Sail around Coquet Island

12:30 -16:30. Test your boat with safety in numbers. Dinghies welcome! Bay sail if wrong kind of wind.


Wed 8 May Winter-to-Summer Mooring Move Deadline

Last date for boats to move from Winter to Summer Moorings and avoid charges as per Club rules. Suggested prior Spring tides are 27/3, 9/4 & 24/4.


Sat 18 - Sun 19 May. Cruise in Company, RNLI Festival Bamburgh & Kettle

12:00 18/5 – 15:00 19/5. The RNLI will celebrate their 200th anniversary with a family weekend at Bamburgh Castle, reflecting the role that Bamburgh and Northumberland played in their founding. We plan to sail to see them and to moor overnight in The Kettle (Inner Farne). 1-way passengers welcome.

IMG_0835 (1).jpg

Sat 25 May (half-term) River Aln Paddle & Lesbury Picnic

15.30 @ Boat Park. Row or paddle your tender, dinghy, canoe, kayak or SUP gently up the Aln with the flood tide to the Lesbury footbridge park. Bring your own picnic and drinks. Non boaters welcome to join us in the park. ETA 17.00. Float gently back with the ebb tide. ETA 18:30. Children to be accompanied.

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